Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Frankie Howerd and the Beatles

I'm in a new Beatles fan-group on Facebook along with super-fan Eddie Deezen and many more wonderful, knowledgeable people. Here's a shot I posted there today. 

Rare shot of British comedy legend Frankie Howerd (later in the SGT PEPPER movie) in a scene cut from HELP. According to a print bio of the comedian, "Frankie as drama teacher Sam Ahab, from the Sam Ahab School of Transcendental Elocution, lecturing the Beatles and 'Lady Macbeth' (Wendy Richards) on the art of transcending, or acting. Each of them do a Shakespeare recital but the session is interrupted when members of the mystical Asian cult emerge from the fireplace, put everyone in a trance and then try to steal one of Ringo's rings." Here he's waking them from the trance.

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