Monday, March 19, 2012

The Official Barf Book Revisited

Efforts to create a Facebook Page for Craig Yoe's THE OFFICIAL BARF BOOK in recent days have failed due to various Facebook policies, not the least of which is that "barf" seems to be one of their forbidden words when it comes to pages (although I'm sure I've seen worse!). I have created a group for the book but the group page leaves something to be desired and, as yet, there isn't much there.

Here, however, we see the opening pages of several sections in this disgusting--but hilarious and educational!-- book written by yours truly.

Some marvelous illustrations in the rock section, all by Greg Oakes, with whom I have since become friends online!

This section below was probably the hardest to write as I had to watch a  LOT of applicable scenes from various films to determine the most...the best...the...well...Yuck!


THE OFFICIAL BARF BOOK really is the perfect April Fool's Day gift. Still time to get it by April 1st if you order today! See the Amazon Link elsewhere on this page.

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