Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Simonson Ramhunter

I have no recollection as to why this lovely MANHUNTER drawing by Walt Simonson has a ram's head. Anybody? Coming from the man who brought us Beta Ray Bill, I guess it shouldn't surprise me, though. Clipped from CBG back in '78 or '79 (the art is dated '78), it is a nice piece no matter how horny the guy looks!


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Manhunter's appearances in the back of Batman comics was one of my favorite of the 70s. However, I could never figure out what those shin gauards could ever be used for. I did like the flowing fabric which of course was not practical. The Ram head is new to me too. If it was Marvel I would be tempted to say it was an alterate reality version of the same character we knew.

Booksteve said...

Walt Simonson himself kindly wrote to offer some insight into this piece:

"Came across your picture of my old drawing. Actually, the drawing didn't have a title.

It was done for a friend of mine named Jay who was a comics dealer back in the 70's. Used to make the rounds of conventions back then. He wanted a Manhunter with a ram's head. I don't remember, but it's possible the ram was a symbol for his business. In any case, that was the origin of the drawing. "