Friday, June 15, 2007

Vintage Batman Ad

Here's one my spooky memory hasn't forgotten. I bought this issue at Woolworths on a 1966 Thursday evening. Woolworths tended to get comics up a few days earlier than the local drugstores at the time. They also stayed open past their normal 6:00 closing time on Thursdays for some reason. This particular Thursday, my parents were going grocery shopping at Albers Supermarket and my Giant BATMAN comic and I stayed in the car in the parking lot behind the store with the windows open. I read the comic (which was my first exposure--although I didn't know it yet-- to artist Dick Sprang and what we'll call the Jack Schiff BATMAN) until it got too dark. Years later I was present (in a story already told here) when Sprang met DC publisher Jenette Kahn for the first time. Ahhh...the go-go check years were a good time for comics. Back when I had any money I once thought of collecting all the go-go check DC's from this period!


Rick Phillips said...

I remember reading that when I was at your home when you first got it.I was about 5 or 6. I couldn't read but I loved looking at the pictures. I have always remembered the look of Rainbow Batman. Today they would make an action figure out of that. I loved that look. Maybe one day I will get to actually read it.

sam kujava said...

I LOVED the go-go check period of
DC Comics as well as these 80-page
giant BATMAN reprint books, which
seemed to come out every other month fow awhile!
I vividly remember staying overnight at my Aunt Judy's house.
She had just had her first child and Uncle Joe was staying that night at the firehouse. I picked up
a BATMAN 25 center as a reward for
staying with my aunt, and promptly
forgot where I was and just read that beauty from cover to cover.
And then I started reading it over
again. Is there such a thing as TOO
much entertainment and pleasure for
only one single quarter?
I also saw my first Sophia Loren movie on tv that night, and discovered that there was more to
life than just comic books, but that is another story for another time!