Thursday, February 08, 2007

Bob Hope in The Golden Rule-1964

Here's a 1964 DC PSA one pager featuring their licensed character Bob Hope. Well, technically it features the "real" Bob Hope, not the silly licensed character drawn by Bob Oksner (and later Neal Adams of all people!) for many years. I know the art style here but I can't place it. Is it Oksner? Chic Stone? Sam Kujava? Ummm...actually I know it's not Sam. I was just wondering if perhaps Sam, a longtime comics expert and sometime reader of this lowly blog, could identify the artist as I am totally blanking due to sleep deprivation!


Anonymous said...

how about if I id it as Bob Oksner, hogging the glory of IDing instead of letting Sam do it?

steven rowe
former senior editor of the Jerry Bails' whos who of american comic books

sam kujava said...

Thanks a lot, Steven Rowe! I haven't hogged any ID glory in days
and now you've stolen my thunder!
Actually, I've always felt a Mort
Drucker vibe to Oksner's art on this page. Who didn't want to draw
celebrity caricatures like Mort was doing at Mad Magazine by this
But it's Bob O. all the way, a class act and classy artist all his