Saturday, September 08, 2007

Collage # 3- Naked Ladies

Sometimes I'm just no fun at all. Here's a collage I did, again from the early 1990's, entitled NAKED LADIES. It is, in fact, a collection of cut-up adult magazine pictures of woman sans clothing BUT...all I've collected are their faces. This choice was made from an artistic point of view. Let's face it, if a person is naked, whether in real life or on a printed page, one's gaze can't help but naturally go to that person's "naughty bits." You sometimes don't notice--or even SEE in more modern instances--their face at all. In my collage that's all there is to see. I tell you they were naked--and they were--but here I force you to look into their faces and their eyes. Find the women who are stoned, the ones who are just doing this for the money. Find the swingers who are used to parading around in the all-together, the jaded porn stars ( I recognize Joanna Storm) whose heavy make-up hides their pain. See the fear, the disinterest, the overblown egos, the alcohol fueled larks. Sigh. Naked Ladies--Naked Eyes--Naked Souls. Fantasies come at a cost.

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  1. I actually enjoyed looking at the eyes of ladies, clothed and naked. I especially enjoy Meg Foster's eyes.