Saturday, December 24, 2005

Links From Me To You

If you like my Library, here are more than a few of my own frequent stops along the Web that you may also enjoy. These are in no particular order and while none are pornographic, some are definitely NSFW so beware. Otherwise, enjoy! Merry Christmas Eve! Oh, and don't forget to check out my permanent links to the right here, also.
Mike Sterling's Progressive Ruin- Rants, reviews and trivia from a comic shop owner. One of my favorite stops.
On My Mind -My cousin's eclectic mix of religion, comics and Monkees
Lana Turner Online -A nice fan site from Liza Waldman
Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog-A fun pop blog from "Tegan" « the movie poster weblog -jsut what it says! Lots of great old and new posters!
International Jack Benny Fan Club -Laura Leff's great site!
The By-Pass Control -My Bubblegumfink mate Klaus Kinski, Jr. is all about the pop!
BeaucoupKevin // BlogMachineGo
Bookgasm -a look at "real" books!
Welcome to Exhibit A Press! -Batton Lash! 'Nuff said!
DIAL B for BLOG -Robby Reed's amazing daily mix of rare visuals and great layout!
MilkandCookies - Latest Links -A clearing house for interesting stuff found on the Net
Dark, But Shining -- Horror, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Christ Knows What Else. That about sums this one up.
Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things -Another linkfest to interesting finds
What Goes On - The Beatles Anomalies List -Obsessive Beatle stuff. You'll be there for hours!
Barnacle Press -Long sequential reprints of comic strips from the early part of the last century!
Cute Creeps From Popular Culture -Cartoonist Jay Stephens' blog. His cool stuff and lots more!
El Blog de Jotace -A fun comics blog. Translate if you have to but it's worth it!
The Huffington Post The Front Page -Left wing political stuff that often includes the likes of Harry Shearer -One of the best linkfest sites. Lots of bizarre video!
( -comics with a side order of gay subculture. Always interesting.
MYRANT -Legendary comics artist Stephen Bissette sounds off on all things pop. -If you're a DC fan in particular, be prepared to laugh for a long time.
Neil Gaiman -Best selling author keeps a journal so interesting he should probably publish it!
Allen Singer -My author friend and ex-employee. Check out the links to his "Galactic" audio
Out of the Inkwell-Animation expert Mike Dobbs. It's new and not much is there yet but keep an eye on this one.
Tony Isabella -Tony's been taking a break but should be back in January. Great reviews!
Innocent Bystander Uncensored fun blog that's all across the board
Paul Harris Online: Main Menu -Radio host's online blog goes from pop to politics
tom peyer -Superfrankenstein has evolved into a unique look at the news
Television Obscurities - Keeping Obscure TV From Fading Away Forever
Golden Age Cartoons cartoons and old comic books
Ain't It Cool News- UberGeek Harry Knowles' film and comics coverage
Sarcasmo's Corner -Hard to describe but I'm addicted to her.
Portal Of Evil -More NSFW links and such
Bedazzled! -great and ultra-rare music videos!
The Groovy Age of Horror -Definitely NSFW but an incredible, educational look at horror in books and comics throughout the world during the late-sixties and seventies
This is Pop! Toys, comics, movies, books! My kind of place! -My wife loves Peter's writing so much we sort of named our son David after him but the one time she saw him on a panel at a Con, she got so disgusted with him. She asked me afterwards who that "jerk" on the end was and I said "Your favorite writer."
Lady, That's My Skull- Fellow Hayley lover Sleestak holds court here.
X-Ray Spex -Comics author Will Pfeiffer's mix of pop and personal stuff
Hooray for Captain Spaulding -Eclectic pop blog updated too infrequently
Tim Lucas- Film historian, author, editor, publisher, comics writer and now blogger
The Comics Reporter_Tom Spurgeon's look at international comics issues
datajunkie -Wow! Full stories, often with annotations! Great stuff!
jerry beck -Cartoons, cartoons and more cartoons from an expert
Harry-Go-Round-Cartoon Historian Harry McCracken

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