Friday, November 01, 2013

Zenith! Still No Takers

No takers yet so we lower the price to $275.00!! That's for all 5 volumes of ZENITH in like new condition! These regularly sell for $100 per volume on eBay as Grant Morrison and the original 2000AD publishers have never agreed on the reprint rights so the series has been out of print for ages.

ZENITH is Morrison's first major work in comics, dating from 1987. Offered here are the original Titan trade reprints beginning in 1989. Email me at if you're seriously interested. Thanks!

FROM WIKIPEDIA: Zenith, real name Robert McDowell, is the son of two members of Cloud 9, a super-team of the 1960s who had been created by the British military but rebelled and became hippies and psychedelic fashion icons. Zenith himself used his somewhat unreliable superhuman abilities not to fight evil but to promote his career as a pop singer. Shallow, spoilt, self-centred and initially cowardly, he was reluctantly dragged into the struggle against malevolent supernatural entities known as the Lloigor or "Many-Angled Ones".
The British superhuman project "Maximan" had been developed from technology brought by defecting Nazi scientists in World War II, and the Nazis had developed it from knowledge given to them by the Lloigor. The Nazis created "Masterman", but in fact the real purpose of the project was to create host bodies strong enough to house the Lloigor's spirits. Due to these circumstances, within this alternate historyBerlin was the target of the first nuclear weapon, not Hiroshima or Nagasaki, mainly because both the British and Nazi supermen were fighting in Berlin at the time.
The British superheroes came of age during the tumultuous 1960's, and promptly rebelled like many teens of that time. Ultimately, Zenith's parents were killed, (by American psychic agents - although this is not revealed until later in the storyline,) other members of Cloud 9 disappeared, and the few remaining (having lost their powers,) retreated into civilian life: Peter St. John, (Mandala) becomes a Member of Parliament for the Conservative Party, and Ruby Fox (Voltage) becomes a journalist and writer. Siadwell Rhys (Red Dragon) owns a pub in Wales - where he apparently spends much of his time drunk.

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