Thursday, May 16, 2013


This was the first of Dave Sim's phone book collections, mail-ordered by me in 1986 and collecting the long run where the strip started taking itself seriously after parodying everything from Red Sonja to X-Men to Moon Knight to Groucho. Oh, you'll find all that here, too. CEREBUS never did take itself TOO seriously! More than 500 pages! Unfortunately the cheap paper has shown its aging and the plastic overcoating on the cover has wrinkled up slightly on both front and back. Still, great reading from the peak years of the long-running independent strip by Dave Sim.

$25.00 + $4.00 postage

From time to time, we'll be reposting sale items from our now-defunct sale blog. I will remove the items when they sell. In other words, if it's still's still available. 

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