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For Sale--Highlights

Our Booksteve's Bookstore site will be going away soon but there are still some great bargains there at the moment! Here are a few highlights! Remember--all sales contribute to keeping the Booksteve Blogs going in spite of computer issues!

This is a rare 45 RPM record from the early eighties put out by people who had no idea how to make a 45 RPM record. This record, featuring two then-obscure (and not exactly well-known now) unreleased Beatles songs, LOVE OF THE LOVED and LIKE DREAMERS DO was available only by mail order from OUI Magazine during its PLAYBOY-lite days.

Although both songs--from the legendary Decca auditions-- spotlight Paul McCartney, the single was offered as a tie-in to a lengthy interview with ex-drummer Pete Best in the magazine as he plays on both.

Although credited to "The Silver Beatles," this was not the name they were going under at the time these songs were recorded, having already long since lost the "Silver." Both songs appear on each side of the record exactly the same rather than the logical move of putting one song on each side.

I already had both songs on a bootleg album when I ordered this back in 1982 so I played the record once and then filed it away, complete with its original mailing envelope from OUI to my old address.

$20.00 + $4.00 postage

THE SPIRIT by Will Eisner has probably had a more convoluted publishing history than any other comics character. Originating in a special newspaper comic booklet in 1940, his stories were then reprinted in comics from 3 different companies by the end of that decade. The original run ended in the early 1950's but a couple of stray issues of reprints were put out in the early sixties by the notorious IW/Super imprint. Then Harvey Kurtzman's HELP revived our blue-suited crimefighter for one story and an article. Former SPIRIT writer/layout artist Jules Feiffer did the same in his THE GREAT COMIC BOOK HEROES in 1965. Then Eisner himself did an all-new one-off SPIRIT tale for a NYC newspaper.

All of this interest led to Harvey Comics reviving the series in 2 oversized reprint collections with all-new inserts in '66. After that things were quiet for a while but interest in fandom continued to grow. In 1972, Eisner consented (supposedly. There is some controversy apparently) to have the original SPIRIT stories reprinted in order in a series of bags each featuring facsimile black and white photocopies of the original newspaper booklets. I've read where Eisner said these were unauthorized later on but on the back of each booklet are annotations on that particular story said to be by the artisthimself. They read like him and offer insights, growing pains and frustrations that I can't imagine anyone else knowing.

That's what we're offering here. Volumes one and two of THE COLLECTOR'S SPIRIT. Prices tend to run pretty high on these and ours are in very good shape but for the usual circle with my initials on the insert card for each one. Each bag (the original thin plastic bag, btw, taped in the back as they came) contains ten sequential SPIRIT SECTIONS (minus the back-up strips) with commentary. As the character's weird publishing history continued, these would all be reprinted again and again in better quality, especially on DC's wonderful collection of 28 hardcovers in recent years! Still, this was the very first time these early strips had been seen in more than three decades. Very collectible and very fun!

PS--If you're only familiar with Frank Miller's movie of THE SPIRIT, put that out of your mind. The real comic is MUCH more cinematic!

NOTE: Bag # 2 actually contains 11 sections, the extra being an accidentally included second copy of the August 25th, 1940 version.

Both sets are white pages and essentially like new. There are a couple of small tears in the bags and the (original) tape has aged a bit.

WAS $53.00 for both

Underground comix as we know them (or DID as the distinction really doesn’t exist anymore) appeared in the late sixties and flourished through the early seventies serving as a showcase for the countercultural artistic/political/psychosexual talents of scores of young illustrators including Robert Crumb, Art Spiegelman, Justin Green, Gilbert Shelton and Bill Griffith. The thing is, though, that Dan O’Neill was there when they got there. In fact, his deceptively simplistic ODD BODKINS strip had been around since the early sixties. The collection seen here is from early 1965!

O'Neill went on to be part of the controversial Air Pirates who were taken to court by Disney. These early ODD BODKINS strips are cute with a little politics and a bit of sixties social issues but mainly just some clever humor and some highly stylized art.

This is the original 1965 edition, with pages only slightly yellowed. There's a long ago "50 cents" price peniclled in on the first page. Prices are 50-60 dollars from some sources. We're asking:

$20.00 + $3.00 postage

Sir Christopher Lee is last man standing amongst the great horror film stars and has become more an international treasure in recent years with his roles in the STAR WARS prequels and the LORD OF THE RINGS films.

This is a 1998 UK printing of his 1977 autobiography. Quite frankly, it's much more boring than one might expect and I say that as a fan of his since the mid-1960's.

There are a few black and white picture pages and there is some interesting info on his career but a considerable amount of the book deals with his surprisingly "normal" off-screen life and interests and his genealogy.

Known originally for his roles as Count Dracula, the Frankenstein Monster, the Mummy, Sherlock Holmes, James Bond's enemy Scaramanga and Lord Summerisle in the original WICKERMAN, my favorite film, this book, even at 448 pages, manages to avoid much or in some cases ANY mention of any of these roles. Still, if you're a fan of this most wonderful performer, what IS there makes for a fascinating read.

$8.00 +$3.00

For a while I collected movie scripts and treatments for films that ended up being completely revised by the time they came out or that never came out at all. You'd be amazed what ridiculous and/or wonderful things were ALMOST put up there on the big screen. These are three of the last ones I still have and they're all good ones.

STAR TREK III--RETURN TO GENESIS--This is a treatment by Producer Harve Bennett that is almost entirely different than the final film, THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK.

WATCHMEN--A not bad photocopied 1988 script from Sam Hamm who had so successfully adapted BATMAN for the first Michael Keaton picture. This version was completely discarded long before the film finally appeared two decades later.

BATMAN--Speaking of which, the real fun one is Sam Hamm's revised first draft of what would eventually be Tim Burton's BATMAN, this version featuring Robin in a major role for
example! (Rumor at the time was that Marlon Wayans would be cast as the Boy Wonder).

$50.00 postpaid for all three!

Once again we have to resort to eBay images since the item is much too big for my scanner. 

Here, too, is an edited version of the description from eBay. 

Watchmen Portfolio by Dave Gibbons. Published by DC Comics. 1st Printing - 1988.  This unusual set of covers includes - French Covers, Promotional Covers and American Covers. They each come in a 15 3/4" by 10 1/4" Folio and the three folios are contained a slipcase.  

Folio #1 - The French Covers - The French language edition of Watchmen was printed in six, deluxe hardcover volumes, with all-new covers by Dave Gibbons and John Higgins. Folio #1 contains these covers, not previously seen in the U.S.A.

Folio #2 - The Promotional Posters - Four two-color advertisements were prepared for the original Watchmen series, and two were preprinted as promotional posters at that time. Folio #2 contains these four, plus two all-new pieces not previously seen in the U.S.A. 

Folio #3 - The American Covers - The covers of the original series were unique, each being the first panel of the issue. Folio #3 reprints all twelve, enlarged for greater impact. 

These vary widely when available, offered mainly at around $150.00.

I'm asking $100.00 for mine, postpaid.

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