Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jim Mooney Pussycat Sketches

Regular readers will recall that my first published article was an AMAZING HEROES piece on the obscure almost-Marvel character PUSSYCAT. Although originally drawn by Wally Wood and with the bulk of the stories in the legendary 1968 one-shot by TORCHY and BLACKHAWK artist Bill Ward, the one person I most associate with the character is Jim Mooney. Known for his work on SUPERGIRL and later SPIDER-MAN, Mooney drew (and signed) most of the stories I had originally discovered in my dad's secret cache of men's mags. Apparently the late Mr. Mooney's work was remembered fondly by others also as a number of his late-period commisions found on-line featured the curvaceous blonde herself, PUSSYCAT. Here's a few along with an eye-popping sketch of Mary Jane and Gwendy, too!


Steven Rowe said...

on the sketches (lady on the chair falling backwards) isnt Pussycat, but a characther from Mooney's last work on Soulsearchers and Company - from Claypool. The teddybear is the manager of the group.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I always suspected that is how Mary Jane and Gwen hung out. How could a spider ever choose just one?