Wednesday, October 29, 2008

R.I.P. Gerard Damiano

We would be remiss in this corner if we failed to note the passing of film director Gerard Damiano. And he was a film director,not just a pornographer. In his works, you can see his growth as a storyteller on-screen in ways that could never happen in today's video porn industry. In the documentary, INSIDE DEEP THROAT, he comes across as a funny old man with lots of stories and a few secrets. His best known film is obvious and his best film is arguable (many say THE DEVIL IN MISS JONES) but around these parts, we know him for his horror movie, LEGACY OF SATAN, which featured an early appearance by Christa Helm. Rest in Peace.


John said...

I was sorry to be the one who passed along that information to you, Steve, but I did because I knew you would be interested.

Your past collaborator on Christa's story,
John O'Dowd

lisa_mynx said...

is it right that i recognized his picture before i read the post?