Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Rare Strip by Bobby London and Ralph Reese-ADULTS ONLY!

Here's a rare two page color comic strip from, I believe (I had ripped it out so I'm not certain), PLAYBOY, circa 1978-80. Its light bondage joke really isn't all that funny but the strip itself is notable because it's written by former underground cartoonist Bobby London whose somewhat surrealist DIRTY DUCK and later POPEYE comic strips were memorable in their day. Art is from former Wally Wood assistant (Sigh-Guess they'll all be referred to that way forever more.) Ralph Reese. Unlike most of Woody's assistant's, Reese's own style was very different and always showed through. Here, his fun illustrations far outshine London's stretched out premise all the way to its anticlimactic (pun intended) punchline.


Anonymous said...

Obviously a Dan O'Neill fan.

lisa_mynx said...

the funniest part is the display case in the last panel-- one of the products is called ''crease grease'' :P