Sunday, March 05, 2006

Hayley...No! JULIET Mills Nude!

In 1975, aged 16, my film-lover eyes were opened up by a revealing book on sex and violence in the movies entitled CUT-THE UNSEEN CINEMA. I was particularly intrigued by this one still that purported to show one of my favorite actors, Jack Lemmon along with a nude, grown-up and apparently sunbathing HAYLEY MILLS!!!! I had never heard of the movie AVANTI and in those days before the Internet and omnipresent film review books, I had nowhere to go to find out about it but I HAD to see it! Ten years later when I finally did catch it on cable, imagine my surprise to find that it was in fact JULIET, Hayley's sister, and not my lifelong crush herself, who starred in the film! Once past that utter disappointment, I was treated to a quite enjoyable Billy Wilder comedy that is generally overlooked even today when dealing with that great director's works. If anything, seeing Juliet romp nude briefly was even stranger than it would have been with Hayley (who, of course DID appear so in other pictures) as Juliet's Phoebe Figalilly character from TV's NANNY AND THE PROFESSOR was more Pollyanna-ish than Hayley's POLLYANNA! She never really starred in a lot of films but her performance here makes you wonder why as she comes across quite well in a feature film. Most of her career has been spent on theater stages and televison screens, most recently as the witch on the cult soap, PASSIONS!

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Sleestak said...

Darn it! Close but no cigar.

Hayley has a semi-nude (more of a cheescake, really) scene in A Family Way, her first "grown up" movie.

Of course, thoughts of nudity and sex in refernce to Hayley just spoils the purity of Hayley the Untouchable Goddess. It'd be like sticking a wad of gum on a priceless painting.